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Alice’s Sweet Tooth French Meringue Kisses are all certified Non-GMO and are made with the purest and most flavorful organic ingredients we can find. They have only four ingredients – organic sugar, organic eggs, organic flavoring and cream of tartar, which is a natural byproduct of winemaking.


We have three Classic Flavors and three Fruit Flavors.


The Classics

Our classic kisses come in the traditional flavors that have long made these little cookies such a popular snack. We work with suppliers who have direct relationships with sustainable growers in the farthest reaches of the world who strive to cultivate the richest, deepest and purest form of these natural ingredients.



Vanilla Bean

Our Vanilla Bean kisses use vanilla bean powder sourced from providers in Madagascar who ethically trade in high-quality beans sustainably grown under organic conditions. Vanilla is the world's most popular spice.


Chocolate Chip

Our Chocolate Chip kisses use chips made from organic unsweetened chocolate liquor which is 100% cacao. It is Fair Trade, Equatorial Rainforest-grown and Hispaniola variety. A rich, chocolate flavor.



Our Cocoa uses unsweetened alkalized organic cocoa powder (Dutch Processed). It is Fair Trade, ethically sourced from 100% cacao chocolate liquor from the Equatorial Rainforest. It has a rich dark chocolate fudge flavor.


The Fruits

Our fruit kisses all use 100% certified organic fruit sustainably grown and harvested on family farms in the USA. The fruit has been screened for quality, then freeze-dried and ground to fine powders at their optimum ripeness. No sweeteners or preservatives are added.




Raspberry kisses use powdered freeze-dried organic raspberries with seeds. Raspberries are an excellent source of fiber and vitamin C. These kisses are tart but sweet.



Blueberry kisses use powdered freeze-dried organic blueberries with seeds. Blueberries are an excellent source of fiber and vitamin C. The kisses have a smooth but clear blueberry flavor.



Mango kisses use powdered freeze-dried organic mangoes. Mangoes are a good source of calcium and iron. The burst of mango flavor in these kisses brings to mind a warm tropical sun.